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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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contest what happens in the next 24 hours. >> don't want to know. >> evening news is next >> quijano: a day of violence. ( sirens ) suicide bombings across saudi arabia, after isis claimed responsibility for the worst attack in baghdad in more than a decade. also tonight: heavily armed police and bomb-sniffing dogs are on patrol from coast to coast this fourth of july. >> we are worried. i mean, that's what does keep us up at night. >> quijano: the search for an american college student who went missing in rome takes a tragic turn. and dealers are selling used cars with defects that haven't been fixed. >> did you know that this car has an open airbag recall? captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> quijano: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. this is our western edition. there is no letup in a wave of terror and suicide bombings as the muslim holy month of ramadan draws to a close. there were attacks today in three cities in saudi arabia, killing at least four. one was near the u.s. consulate in jeddah, another outside one of islam's holiest sites, the prophet's mosque in medina. no group has claimed responsibility, but i.s.i.s. has said it was behind yesterday's attack in baghdad. charlie d'agata reports more than 200 were killed in the worst attack there since just after the u.s. invasion in 2003. ( siren ) >> reporter: even in a country awash in bloodshed, this was bad. the i.s.i.s. suicide bomber knew just where and when to strike to kill as many civilians as dassible. the holy month of ramadan ends
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this week. and cafes and shops along the boulevard were packed full of families enjoying the cool of the night after fasting through the long, hot day, and the car bomb went off. even as they carried more body bags away from the rubble and wreckage, it was already clear this was the worst single attack to hit the capital in years. >> "i swear to god, the government is a failure," this woman says. "they are the ones who brought terrorism here." >> reporter: the attack came only about a week after iraqi government forces completely recaptured the nearby city of fallujah in a fierce battle that lasted for weeks. yet the more territory i.s.i.s. loses on the battlefield, the more terror attacks it launches away from it. the carnage in baghdad came during the week of bloody attacks tied to i.s.i.s. around the globe. the triple suicide bombing in turkey's main airport, which killed more than 40 people, is
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suspected to have been coordinated by an i.s.i.s. affiliate in central asia. in bangladesh, the u.s. has offered the f.b.i.'s help after the i.s.i.s. siege of a cafe that left 20 hostages dead, including college student abinta kabir from miami. as they hold vigils for victims in iraq, there are many questions but one dead certainty: that another i.s.i.s. attack will come. with public anger mounting, elaine, the iraqi justice ministry announced that five convicted terrorists were executed this morning. officials said they wanted bereaved families to know they were continuing to deliver punishment to those stained with iraqi blood. >> quijano: charlie d'agata in london for us. charlie, thank you. law enforcement says there is no credible threat against the u.s. this holiday weekend, but heightened security remains at fourth of july events and at transportation hubs. kris van cleave has more on this.
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>> reporter: at fourth of july events across the country, security is tight. in new york city, that means the largest deployment of n.y.p.d. officers in years. as many as three million people are expected to gather along the east river for tonight's fireworks. chief james o'neill. >> at each and every one of the 24 entry points, you will see a long gun team. you will see people in vests and helmets carrying rifles. >> reporter: on the national mall, security police stood at security checkpoints. despite rain, hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the independence day celebration in washington, d.c. dale kirk came from kentucky. >> i feel very secure. there is lot of security around. >> reporter: do you feel safe down here? >> i do, yes. very nice to be here. >> reporter: in gun-violence plagued chicago, 5,000 officers are working the streets and holiday events this weekend. at train stations and airports nationwide, travelers are seeing heavily-armed police and bomb sniffing dogs on patrol. while there are no specific
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threats against u.s. transit hubs this holiday weekend, immediately following tuesday's terror attack at an airport in turkey, airports across the u.s. ratcheted up security especially in the public areas before the checkpoints. >> we are worried. i mean, that is what does keep us up at night. >> reporter: patrick gannon is the chief of the los angeles airport police. >> our strategy at l.a.x. has to make sure we're at curb level meeting people as they come into the airport. >> reporter: the fourth of july weekend is a test for t.s.a. which has struggled with staff shortages and increases in flyers. elaine, initial reports from the t.s.a. are that the weekend has gone smoothly. >> quijano: kris van cleave in our newsroom. kris, thank you. in the presidential campaign, both candidates are turning their attention to north carolina, staging rallies in the key battleground state tuesday. hillary clinton will be joined by president obama for the first time since he endorsed her on june 9th. >> i know how hard this job can
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be, that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. >> quijano: clinton hopes to change the campaign dynamic after a weekend in which she answered questions from f.b.i. agents investigating her private email server and her husband stirred controversy following an impromptu meeting with attorney general loretta lynch. lynch is overseeing the email investigation, and said she will accept whatever the f.b.i. recommends. >> well, it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left. >> quijano: donald trump was trying to change the subject today as well, tweeting about potential vice presidential picks senators tom cotton and joni ernst and indiana governor mike pence. while the clinton campaign blasted him for a weekend tweet attacking clinton with a picture of the candidate next to the star of david. trump and surrogates pushed back hard against the accusation that a tweet, which the campaign altered, was anti-semitic. >> there was nothing anti- semitic about the campaign. certainly nothing anti-semitic
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about mr. trump. >> a cbs news battleground tracker poll in late june showed clinton with a slight edge over trump, but within the margin of error. severe storms through northern kentucky today. a funnel cloud was spotted near the west virginia border. cars were overturned, trees knocked down. a walmart took a major hit. shelves were knocked over. at least five people suffered minor injuries. new york city police think a hobbyist experimenting with explosives is responsible for a blast in central park yesterday. a virginia teenager lost his foot when he stepped on material police compared to homemade fireworks. investigators think it was left there by someone testing the explosives. they don't believe it was connected to terrorism or there was any intention to hurt someone. police in rome are looking into the suspicious death of a wisconsin college student.
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beau solomon's body was found today in the tiber river after a nearly four-day search. demarco morgan tells us what investigators have learned. >> reporter: beau solomon was last seen by friends early friday morning leaving a bar in rome. when he failed to show up for an orientation class later in the day, his roommate reported him missing. that sparked a search that ended this morning when solomon's bruised body was discovered about a mile from where he disappeared. his cell phone and wallet were missing, but his credit cards had been used to make purchases not long after he was last seen. grandfather steve solomon. >> i did hear that the credit cards were used in milan, not rome. and they were used not by him. >> reporter: solomon arrived two days earlier in rome as part of summer exchange program at john cabot university, with plans to return this fall to the university of wisconsin-madison. today friends took to social media to remember the popular and outgoing wisconsin native.
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solomon had beat cancer as a toddler and hoped to run for public office one day, said his brother jake. >> he had 15 to 20 procedures growing up throughout his life and was able to overcome all that. >> reporter: battalion investigators are considering robbery as a possible motive. solomon's parents are in rome hoping to find answers and elaine, an autopsy is scheduled tomorrow. >> quijano: demarco morgan, thank you. while millions hit the beach the fourth of july, no one could swim in this in parts of south e orida. the toxic algae bloom plaguing four counties looks bad and smells worse. residents blame pollutants from lake okeechobee. so the army corps of engineers is trying to reduce how much water flows from the lake. some folks in north carolina claim a food company is dumping waste right on their door steps. hundreds have gone to court to
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make it stop. smrk strassmann paid a visit to see and smell for himself. >> i want to sit out on the front porch today but i can't because of the spray. >> reporter: in this cell phone video rene miller recorded, the farm across the street from her lifelong home in warsaw, north carolina, is spraying hog waste. the slightest breeze blows it into her yard and over her home and car. you walk inside, you're wet? >> just like i sweat. >> reporter: but it's not sweat. >> right. >> reporter: sounds disgusting. >> it is disgusting. >> reporter: north carolina's 2,000 hog farms pump waste into storage lagoons. overflow is sprayed onto fields as fertilizer. but sometimes, according to residents, the sprayers miss their marks, hitting homes nearby. >> i never had a complaint from any of my neighbors. we try to do what is right. >> reporter: 12 miles away, thff spedding farms for smithfield foods, the world's largest pork producer and supplier. he says farmers want to be good
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neighbors, but he sees no better way to get rid of the waste. >> it gets into what's cost effective also. it also gets into what is reasonable. there isn't technology that's more efficient than what we're doing. >> reporter: hog farms and waste are regulated by north carolina's department of environmental quality or d.e.q. in annual inspections, the agency monitors where and how often farms spray. just to be clear, the people were there first. >> the people were here first. that's such an important point. >> reporter: rick dove works for the environmental advocacy group waterkeeper alliance. they filed a complaint against d.e.q. alleging "environmental racism" by allowing farms to locate disproportionately near minority communities. the e.p.a. is investigating the environmental justice claims and d.e.q. says it's cooperating. >> nobody's trying to put this industry out of business. just out of the pollution business. >> reporter: in a statement the north carolina pork council called the claims wildly
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exaggerated. it added: when those sprayers are going, this house takes a direct hit. >> it takes a direct hit, yes. >> reporter: rene miller and more than 500 residents filed civil suits against smithfield's pork division claiming the farms are making it impossible for them to enjoy their homes. >> i'm stuck. and i always say, i'll probably die here stuck. >> reporter: while the civil suits play out in court, miller dreads the summer. she says it's the busy season for the sprayer across the road. >> who wants to live like this? >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, warsaw, north carolina. >> quijano: next on "the cbs evening news," dealers are selling used cars knowing they have serious defects, and it's legal. and later, a film teacher with a hiscial eye for helping his students succeed.
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♪ you're only a day away ♪ >> quijano: we've reported extensively on vehicles that s ve been recalled for serious safety issues like defective takata airbags. but what most people don't know thaany used cars for sale may have defects that have not been fixed and it's legal for dealers to sell them to you un-repaired. anna werner has been looking into this. >> reporter: we went undercover le wping in new jersey to see what salespeople would tell us about used cars for sale with un-repaired safety defects. >> reporter: take this bmw x5 at premiere auto group, that the government says has a defective air bag. says he manager told us: >> reporter: same for the 2012 acura t.l. at penske acura. but salesperson nicole told us:
5:46 pm
>> reporter: a salesman at this auto lenders named chris admitted his dealership sells cars with the airbag defect, but says not to worry. >> reporter: that's wrong. at least 11 have died due to the air bags. at dealerships around the country, we found used cars for itle with the safety defects, ranging from airbags to faulty ignitions to rollaway hazards. but there is no federal law that requires used car dealers to inform buyers of those recalls. >> it leaves the consumer between a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: auto safety advocate clarence ditlo watched our video. >> you should be able to buy a car knowing that all safety recalls have been taken care of. >> reporter: so we went back to the dealerships where we shopped undercover. like the acura dealership where
5:47 pm
we asked salesperson nicole-- did you know this car has an open bag recall? >> i did not. >> reporter: should it be out this there? >> no, it should not if it does. >> reporter: that dealership later told us it was a mistake and they pulled the car from the lot. others told us they disclosed the recall as part of the process. other auto dealers said they share the car fax report that shares all the recall information with the car buyers. is that enough? >> no. they're driving the car off lot with a safety defect. and by definition, a safety defect presents an unreasonable risk of death, crash or injury. >> reporter: and the manager at premier auto group, he said he discloses recalls, too, but then sells the cars. >> do you feel like they're safe with that recall? >> they're not safe, but, i mean, it's bmw. you have to go to bmw and ask them how they let this car stay on the road.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: all those dealers told us later that had we gone further in the buying process, they would have disclosed the safety recalls. a major used car dealership association told us a new law won't solve the problem, that auto manufacturers and the government should take responsibility. you can find out if the car you're looking at has a safety recall by going to and looking up the vin number. >> quijano: important information. anna werner, thanks. when we come back, basketball fans burn jerseys after a top star made a shocking announcement. ncement. i drive a golf ball.
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what's in your wallet? >> quijano: a n.a.s.a. spacecraft is about to have a close encounter with the biggest planet in our solar system. juno is speeding toward jupiter at 165,000 miles an hour. later tonight, it will fire its main rocket to slow itself down and slip into orbit so it can study the planet's composition and eventually send back photos. one of n.b.a.'s best players
5:52 pm
delivered a 4th of july bombshell. former mvp kevin durant said he's leaving the oklahoma city thunder to join the golden state warriors, a team already packed with superstars including steph curry. oklahoma city fans aren't taking this well. one blew up a durant jersey, others set them on fire. it was all about baseball at fort bragg last night as the atlanta braves and florida marlins played their first professional game at an active military base. major league baseball built the ballpark in just a few months. players signed autographs, there was a military flyover. the marlins won the fort bragg- ing rights with a 5-2 win. our nation is mourning a military hero from another era this fourth of july. roscoe brown, a member of the famed tuskegee airmen during world war ii, died over the weekend. one of the first african- american pilots, brown earned
5:53 pm
the distinguished flying cross and went on to become a professor and community college president. roscoe brown was 94. next, most teachers would have quit after dodging bullets, but that only made this teacher more committed. committed. you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send! if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea or ibs-d - a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi. a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain at the same time. so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have or may have had pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation,
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think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour. tradition. next. >> quijano: our final story tonight reads like a movie script. it's a story of commitment and achievement, with a few plot twists, as told by michelle miller. >> who's seen the movie "freedom riders"? >> reporter: darryl mccane lives for second acts. most of the kids in his film class at south l.a.'s washington prep high school need the second chance. they live in neighborhoods plagued by crime and gun violence. how many students have you lost over the ten years you have been teaching here?
5:57 pm
>> well over 60 kids i've had have been murdered. >> reporter: in 2008, he was almost added to that total. you were coming out of a football game? >> yes, three boys came in. right as i walked past, they opened fire and shot a young man, who had stolen my phone two weeks before, and a 12-year-old girl. >> reporter: that's when he realized he had to be here. >> i felt at that time that if i left, that would make the students even more scared if the teachers were running away. >> reporter: he convinced the school to spend $100,000 on computers and equipment and used his columbia university masters in film to teach students to learn, using their hearts, minds and voices to speak their truth while making movies. >> i don't kick kids out of my classroom, even if they're disruptive. i try to kick them in. so, my thing is that even if you are in the wrong place i'm not kicking you out. we'll figure out a way to get you involved. >> reporter: and get involved they did. genie gardner was an average student starting to act out. so it went from you not saying a
5:58 pm
word in class -- >> to now i speak with vnfidence and a very articulate voice. because of him. >> reporter: when the track coach quit, students passed the coach's baton to him. when you asked him, what did he say? >> he said, of course. >> reporter: what makes this job worth it to you? >> the kids that thrive. the kids that figure it out. the kids that were not even thinking about going to college who suddenly are applying to college, getting their grades up and believing they can achieve something. i love that! >> reporter: art may not always imitate life. but when it comes to his students, darryl mccane does hope for the hollywood ending. >> all right, come on. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, los angeles. >> quijano: a real-life story of perseverance. that's the "cbs evening news." for scott pelley, i'm elaine quijano. we leave you with a look at the independence day parade in washington. have a safe and happy fourth. goodnight.
5:59 pm
breaking news in san jose. san jose police tell k-p-i-x 5 reporter betty yu: that one of their officers has shot a man good evening. i am allen al. -- allen. one of the officers has shot a man about 45 minutes ago, here is what we know right now. we know that it happened on feller avenue near story road, that is in the foothills of san jose. we do know right now that the officer is okay, but the man has been shot, we don't know his condition yet. we know that the officers went to a location in the area as part of a welfare check, as we find out more we will let you know. tens of thousands expected along the san francisco waterfront to see the fireworks,
6:00 pm
that is if they can actually see them. 9 news's kate is on pier 49. >> reporter: there is a plan, i will tell you that, allen. where we are at pier 39, one of many places you can watch the fireworks tonight, but if you look up it is pretty cloudy and i know a lot of visitors, a lot of tourists here, are certainly hoping that that fog clears up before tonight's show. san francisco has been able to put on some pretty impressive shows in the past despite the fog. we spoke with the company in charge of this year's show, pyrospectaculars and the show should be good throughout the fog, the fireworks are set to go off at different altitudes. the forecast tonight calls for partly cloudy skies, so here is what some people


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